On the vast horizon of the World Wide Web, there are hundreds of web hosting services and Fatcow hosting is merely one of them. Every day, thousands of new websites are made; may it be for businesses, bloggers, organizations, and so on. To meet the increasing demand for hosting, many companies began to offer web host servers for people who want to set up their brand online. Web hosting services vary from one provider to another. So what makes Fatcow different?

Simple and Friendly

The name of the company might tickle the minds of some people and ask some reasons behind the brand. Aside from the “easy-to-remember” properties of the brand, the company emphasizes a simple and friendly approach to its clients.

Compared to other web hosting providers, the Fatcow hosting does not offer a variety of options for customers. The provider simply offers one plan which has any necessary ingredient to create a new website. This way, clients will no longer need to check each option before deciding what to choose. For a simple marketing price, people will be able to get their website a domain and premium templates. In other words, people must simply decide whether to take their services or not instead of taking a difficult time whether to choose the basic plan or the premium one.

A unique feature about Fatcow is that their hosting service is 100% powered by wind energy, making it a pioneer and leader in the movement towards green hosting. They also have a 99.95% uptime guarantee, which is lower than HostGator and BlueHost, but still one of the best in the industry. An additional feature that many customers love is that when you sign up for Fatcow, you get a FREE domain name. Fatcow also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Easy To Use Tools

In addition to their plan offers, the company dedicates itself to give webmasters tools that are extremely easy to use. Even people without knowledge on website development can manage to use its tools efficiently. The company grants their customers to use a drag and drop website builder to easily design every page and post on their website.

The main advantage of using a drag and drop builder is that people will be able to see the possible outcome of their website before they actually make the changes. Also, they don’t need to enter the content and open a new window to see the possible outcome. They can see the entire page while editing it.

Fatcow also has 1-click installations available for many popular CMS platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, and many more.

Additional Features

Although Fatcow hosting offers a single plan alone, it does not necessarily mean that customers will no longer have any options to enhance the efficiency of their website. The best characteristic of this provider is that it offers more features separately. For instance, a customer who needs an extra security to his website can take advantage of the SiteLock service for a separate subscription. Those customers who want an SSL certificate can also do so.

The Verdict
Unlike hosting plans from other providers that have unnecessary features, FatCow provides users with the features that are necessary so that customers don’t pay for features that they are never going to use. This, along with the fact that FatCow has one of the lowest prices in the industry makes it one of the best website hosting providers.


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